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Seeding Square will space and organize your garden like a dream, but there might be an extra item or two you'd like for your gardening arsenal. Visit our Amazon garden store. It has all our favorite items for playing in the dirt. Or check out the deals below and join the ranks of Seeding Square gardeners today!

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Love this gardening innovation!

- Carson Arthur TV gardening celebrity

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Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! Seeding Square
Price (USD) : $39.95
Sale Price (USD): $25.95
Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! 2 Seeding Squares
Price (USD) : $79.90
Sale Price (USD): $50.95
Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! 3 Seeding Squares
Price (USD) : $119.95
Sale Price (USD): $72.95
Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! 4 Seeding Squares
Price (USD) : $159.80
Sale Price (USD): $94.95

Customer Reviews

Seed Spacing Solved!

- Infamous Green 1

Takes the guesswork out of Square Foot Gardening

- Denise Hyde

Makes planting a lot easier

- R.D. Humphery

Absolutely incredible gardening tool!

- Barefoot in NC

Genius and convenient

- D. Schultz

Yes, it’s simple – Yes, it’s worth it

- Matthew G. Proudfit



Makes Square Foot Gardening a SNAP!

- Kimberly Michelle

Very durable and easy to use. Love it!

- Richard D Reeves

The spacing of plants is so much easier and neater!

- Tala

So much fun to work with. Get one for each of your kids. They will LOVE it!

- Brian Ward

Wish I had found this years ago

- Candace

Great for teaching children to love gardening

- Wendy Works Gibson

Best creation for gardening

- R Lewis

Great piece of kit for planting and Square Foot Gardening! Recommend!

- Anniesdog – T.T.

Colored rings rock!

- Ragna J Arentzen

Makes hoeing weeds easier

- Larry Norstrom

Great product and well made!

- River

Makes planting a no brainer

- R. Ford

Helps plant seeds accurately and with little waste

- Amazon Customer

Why People Love
Seeding Square

  • Maximizes garden layout for highest yield possible.
  • Organizes each seed and plant with perfect spacing
  • Makes weeds easy to spot
  • For all sizes of garden: plant in rows or by square-foot
  • The color-coded holes makes gardening fun for all ages

Grow your Food just three simple steps

  • Press

  • Poke

  • Plant